DAI and the European Union

The European Union (EU) is the world’s largest development donor. DAI, with its long-term presence on the European continent, is a key partner in the implementation of the EU global strategy for international development and cooperation.



Supporting Women’s Inclusion Through Community Development in Pakistan

Since the early 2000s, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), home to more than 30 million citizens in northwest Pakistan, has suffered from the effects of militancy and natural disasters. Taliban attacks from neighbouring Afghanistan and severe droughts and floods have displaced people, increased poverty, hindered access to basic services, an...

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Fiscal Decentralization Builds Citizen Trust, Positions Ukraine for European Future

Sharing borders with four European Union (EU) member states—Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia—Ukraine is now a participant in the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership, and thus a priority partner of the EU. Yet the ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, begun in 2012 and concluded five years later, turned...

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In Somalia, Ensuring Social Protection During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Food Security Crisis

After many years of conflict, recurrent natural disasters, and humanitarian crisis, Somalia is highly susceptible to poverty and food insecurity, and its health indicators are among the worst in the world. Against this backdrop, the COVID-19 pandemic is a palpable threat to the country’s healthcare system, food security, and already fragile econ...

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How Statistics Can Transform Governance: A Q&A with Economist and Statistician Jean-Paul Zoyem

Statistics are of paramount importance for governance. High-quality data inform policy making and the public debate: They help assess and design policies and hold governments accountable. However, as the World Bank reported in 2017, Africa’s statistical capacity lags behind most of the developed world. Absent adequate statistics, policy makers a...

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Restoring Trust: Toward a People-Centric Security Sector in The Gambia

It’s hard to imagine that The Gambia emerged only recently from 22 years of authoritarian rule: first impressions are of a vibrant and happy nation. Surrounded by Senegal to the north, east, and south, The Gambia is known as the “smiling coast of Africa” because Gambians are said to possess a knack for putting people at ease. Now three years int...

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Paving the Way for Green Energy Financing in the Mediterranean

In the face of a gathering climate crisis, “The world must quickly implement massive energy efficiency and conservation practices,” declared more than 11,000 climate scientists in a statement issued November 5. Their warning lends added urgency to a program that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has been running for mor...

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PolSEFF’s Legacy: Lower Energy Bills for Businesses Across Poland; a Financing Model to Scale and Replicate

While Poland’s private sector grew steadily in the post-Soviet era, its reliance on old energy equipment and poorly insulated facilities contributed to the country becoming one of the highest energy consumers in Europe. In 2010, when the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) launched the Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Faci...

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Growing a Global Network of Microfinance Practitioners

The European Commission (EC) is one of the world’s leading exponents of access-to-finance programming, known particularly for initiatives such as mentoring local banks and developing loan programmes for small businesses and green energy investment. Equally noteworthy is an EC programme dedicated to promoting microfinance in developing countries...

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How Banks Can Help Businesses Reduce Their Energy Costs

Energy consumption can account for up to half the cost of doing business for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These businesses of 250 or fewer employees make up 95 percent of enterprises across the world; they also account for approximately 60 percent of all private sector employment. Globally, there is great potential to reduce their ...

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DAI Attends Virtual 2021 European Development Days

DAI is pleased to have been present at the European Development Days (EDD) on June 15–16.

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Connecting Public and Private Responses for the COVID-19 Global Recovery—Lessons for a More Inclusive and Sustainable Way Forward

DAI and the European Centre for Development Policy Management will host a series of webinars designed to engage and inform global development stakeholders seeking a more inclusive and sustainable way forward from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Webinar Series: Connecting Public and Private Responses to COVID-19 and its Impact on Global Development

DAI and the European Centre for Development Policy Management announced a series of webinars designed to engage and inform global development stakeholders seeking to mount an effective response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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DAI Names Jakob Zeidler to Lead EU Business Unit

DAI has named Jakob Zeidler to lead its European Union (EU) Business Unit, which focuses on delivering development programs for the EU.

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Human Dynamics Founder Bernhard Hulla Joins the DAI Board

DAI is delighted to welcome Bernhard Hulla to the DAI Board.

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Project-Supported Tunisian City Named a Frontrunner in Global Climate City Challenge

The city of Monastir, Tunisia—supported by a European Commission project—was recently named at a special event at the UN Climate Change Conference as one of the five frontrunners and role models for climate action.

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DAI Acquires Leading European Development Consultancy, Human Dynamics

DAI today announced the acquisition of Human Dynamics, a pre-eminent supplier of international development services in the European market.

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DAI’s Georgia Taylor Leads Panel on Gender Equality, Trade, and Global Market Systems WTO Aid for Trade Conference

Georgia Taylor, Technical Director at DAI Global Health, will lead a discussion on promoting women’s economic empowerment and justice in global market systems at the Aid for Trade Global Review 2019 in Geneva on July 4.

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DAI to Present at European Development Days 2018

DAI is pleased to take part in two panel discussions at European Development Days, June 5 and 6 in Brussels, sharing our work on gender-responsive budgeting and sustainable value chains in the garment industry.

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DAI Selected as Top Innovator in Global Poll of International Development Professionals

DAI has been named a Devex Top 40 Development Innovator, one of only 10 consulting firms so honored globally. The award was based on a poll of 100,000 Devex members, who comprise the world’s largest network of aid and international development professionals.

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