Who We Are

DAI works on the frontlines of global development. Transforming ideas into action—action into impact. We are committed to shaping a more livable world.

We tackle fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. We work with a wide range of clients, including national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations, and philanthropies.

Our Work

Since 1970, we have worked in more than 150 countries—delivering results across the spectrum of international development contexts, from stable societies and high-growth economies to challenging environments racked by political or military conflict.

Global Impact

We partner with local people and institutions on scores of projects worldwide.

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Early Warning and Response System Increases School Enrollment and Retention

In the years leading up to 2020, school enrollment in Honduras suffered a steady decline. In 2018, 81,000 students (4.06 percent) dropped out. In 2019, some 105,000 students (or 5.39 percent of the total) abandoned their education to seek work,...

Advances in ICT Connectivity Highlight Need for Digital Safety Preparedness in Pacific Communities

The Pacific Islands have the lowest rate of mobile internet penetration in the world and fixed broadband connection levels far below that of their neighbors. Recent and planned investments in building out undersea fiber optic cable and satellite services—including those...


DAI to Establish Land Registration System in Northwestern Pakistan

DAI is partnering with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to establish a land record and registration system in seven districts of the Merged Areas (formerly the Federally Administered Tribal Areas) of northwestern Pakistan.

Hudaira Pakistan.pngPhoto: Pakistan land plots.


DAI offers rewarding careers for talented technical, managerial, and support professionals.