Forty years on the frontlines of global development confirm the interconnectedness of development challenges. Conflict mitigation touches on issues of effective civil society, legitimate governance, equitable use of natural resources, and poverty reduction. Poverty reduction in turn intersects with economic reform, global competitiveness, private sector engagement, and the prevalence of debilitating diseases. And so on. Our development specialists reach across technical disciplines to shape the integrated development solutions that promise transformational development results.


We combine our 40-plus years of experience in global development with the latest and most relevant information and communication technology (ICT) tools.

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Environment and Energy

Improved management of natural resources and important ecosystem services not only supports economic growth, and strengthens resilience to climate change but also can provide the foundation for sustainable development.

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Corporate Services

Helping our clients achieve significantly higher social and business returns by merging business imperatives with development best practices.

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Economic Growth

Driving trade, technology, agriculture, business, and financial services to create jobs, reduce poverty, and enhance food security.

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Strengthening and improving government performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to public institutions, elected bodies, and citizens.

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Providing the technical skills, expertise, and local knowledge to deliver global health solutions while responding to issues ranging from emerging pandemic threats to HIV/AIDS to waterborne diseases.

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Partnering with government, civil society, and private sector actors to provide short-term stability and build the foundation for long-term development.

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