Ethics and Integrity at DAI

DAI implements stringent policies and processes to ensure that our projects succeed in a compliant and ethical manner, and our employees play a pivotal role in upholding DAI’s high standards.

Ethics, integrity, and compliance are fundamental DAI values at the core of how DAI interacts with clients, partners, employees, and vendors across the globe. These values are embodied in DAI’s Ethics, Integrity, and Safeguarding Program, which is affirmed by DAI’s Board and applied across the entire company and all entities in which DAI has an ownership position.

DAI’s Chief Ethics and Integrity Officer oversees the Ethics, Compliance, and Safeguarding program, promotes a culture of compliance through training and regular communication on important topics, and works with DAI management to establish, monitor, and enforce standards, policies, and procedures to identify and prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.

At DAI, we take ethics seriously. Accomplishing development results in challenging circumstances while complying with funding partner and host nation laws and policies requires disciplined performance. DAI professionals recognize that meeting these high standards will model effective and compliant management to their beneficiaries and establish trusting relationships essential to successful development.

If you have a question or concern on ethics or compliance that you would like to communicate to DAI, please contact the Chief Ethics and Integrity Officer directly at +1-301-771-7998 or at [email protected]. If you wish to remain anonymous, please visit and choose “To Make a Report.” Select your country and file your report. A hotline number for your country will also appear on the page. The Ethicspoint hotline service provides translations if necessary. All reports will be reviewed and responded to appropriately.



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