Phelps Feeley is Chief of Party for the Youth Resilience to Crime and Violence in the Caribbean Activity, a project in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean focused on youth crime and violence that employs public health and positive youth development approaches.

Phelps brings more than 10 years of experience in program design, leadership and management for political transition, governance, stabilization, peacebuilding, research, media, and civil society strengthening projects. Having served as the Chief of Party for the Macedonia Support Initiative, she led the team’s efforts to strengthen democratic institutions; media sector support efforts to establish a credible information ecosystem with improved news programming, greater independence, and less political party control; promoted civic engagement to lessen the grip of public apathy; and take a forward-leaning role in donor-supported efforts to jumpstart government reforms in line with European Union standards.

Phelps is known for her attention to relationship management and capacity to keep pace with shifts in donor strategic priorities, shepherding contracts through significant, costed extensions and programmatic expansions. A tested manager and leader, she also has experience leading geographically dispersed teams, and establishing effective and efficient remote management systems. She has worked on complex, grant-intensive programs in sensitive, fragile, and transitional states such as Afghanistan, Libya, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia.



Kate Heuisler

Kate Heuisler is Chief of Party for the Mozambique SPEED project.

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