Afghanistan Resources (SIV & P-2)

If you are an Afghan national who has worked directly for DAI in Afghanistan and you need employment verification to apply for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Program or the Priority-2 Designation (P-2) Refugee Visa Program, please contact our Afghanistan SIV & P-2 Response Team at [email protected]. We are committed to supporting you in the application process.

How do I apply to DAI for an employment verification letter or a referral to the P-2 program?

Send an email to the Afghanistan SIV & P-2 Response Team following these instructions OR click here to create an email including the form and attachments explained below.

Do I attach anything to the email?

Needed Information Documentation Accepted by DAI
Forms of Identification - Primary Applicant Tazkira, National ID card, Passport, Translated Tazkira
Forms of Identification - Family Members (P-2 only) Tazkira, National ID card, Passport, Translated Tazkira
Contact Information Phone Number
Employment Agreements and Scopes of Work  
Related Employment documents Employee Badge, Certificates, Paystubs
Marital Status (P-2 only) Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed
Family Documents (P-2 only) Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate
P-2 Referral Form (P-2 only) Fill out using this form

How do I learn more about the U.S. visa programs?

I’ve already submitted my application to [email protected] and I received an auto-reply asking me to fill out the form again. Should I respond and fill it out twice?

No. If you have already filled out the form once you don’t need to fill it out again. The email you received is confirmation that we received your first email. We are receiving high volumes of applications and any duplicate emails sent can make it harder to respond to your first email.

I’ve already submitted my SIV application to the National Visa Center. How do I check on the status?