Kevin Casey is an applied researcher with experience bringing innovative methodologies to research in conflict, transitional, and stabilization contexts. Kevin has designed and executed research in complex environments for the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Transition Initiatives, U.S. Army Africa, and U.S. Forces in Iraq. In each case, Kevin focused on developing processes for discerning research needs, designing methods that are suitable and practical to specific contexts, and translating research findings into actionable recommendations to drive programmatic responses and strategy. Kevin has researched extensively in the technical areas of countering violent extremism, conflict and reconciliation, security cooperation, and political transition in places such as Botswana, Ghana, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Tanzania, and Tunisia.



Chuck Chopak

Chuck Chopak is a Senior Lead Specialist in the Resilience and Stability practice with more than 35 years of experience managing, planning, and implementing food security and livelihood activities across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America & the Caribbean.

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