Strengthening and improving government performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to public institutions, elected bodies, and citizens.

Building effective economic and democratic governance

DAI’s Governance Sector strengthens accountability and improves government performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to public institutions, elected bodies, and citizens. Based on a thorough understanding of the incentives, interests, and political economy inherent to policy development and implementation, we supply best-fit solutions to policy makers, citizen leaders, and elected representatives. Our approach to governance seeks to identify and foster engagement between citizens and their government, recognizing that both the supply and demand for good governance is necessary to initiate change. In doing so, we empower leaders, recognizing that locally owned solutions have the greatest potential for sustainability.

Legislative Strengthening—We advise legislative bodies on institutional reform and help them involve constituents and other important stakeholders in the policy process for better, more responsive representation.

Decentralization and Local Government Management—We work with national, regional, and local governments to transfer central authority to government bodies that are closer and more responsive to the needs of citizens.

Institutional and Policy Reform—We help stakeholders improve the legal and regulatory environment, and build the capacity of government agencies in financial management, public service provision, local economic development, and public outreach.

Public Administration, Civil Service Reform, and Human Resources Management—We develop the human capacity of the civil service while strengthening the ability of the central government to perform essential functions and deliver services in a transparent and equitable manner.

Voice and Accountability—We build the mechanisms necessary to hold government institutions accountable and increase citizen voice in decision making.

Law and Justice—We strengthen the rule of law by building citizens’ ability to demand better governance through oversight mechanisms, civic education, civil society strengthening, and legal support.

Public Financial Management—We help countries improve public financial management and advance thought leadership on approaches to overcoming policy and institutional constraints to economic competitiveness, socioeconomic development, and poverty reduction.

Health Governance—We help countries advance health outcomes through improved accountability, resource allocation, policy development, and administration of health services.

Helping Finance Self-Reliance—DAI advises national economic authorities to implement a holistic approach to financing their development priorities, including helping them boost domestically generated tax revenue, maximize the efficiency and transparency of public spending, and partner with the private sector to stimulate investment and inclusive growth.