Edwin Berk has made a career of building the businesses of professional services companies where public and private sectors intersect. After a brief stint teaching at Yale University, he joined a public policy consulting firm. When that firm grew into a $1 billion-plus engineering and construction company, he shifted into capturing new engineering projects in international markets. Because his targeted markets were mainly developing countries, he typically had to generate the business opportunities—to structure the projects and secure their financing to produce genuine opportunities for revenue-generating business. Ed joined DAI in 2004 to manage and write DAI’s larger, higher priority bids. In 2012, he was posted to Amman, Jordan to concentrate on developing business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In 2014 he returned to DAI’s U.S. headquarters to continue unearthing and structuring project opportunities in the MENA region while adding Afghanistan to his portfolio.



Ejonta Pashaj

Ejonta Pashaj learned of DAI through a public administration program DAI was implementing in Albania. Ejonta says she was impressed with how DAI approaches working with local governments, especially our emphasis on citizen participation in municipal decision making.

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