Middle East and North Africa

Our work in the Middle East and North Africa began with design and evaluation assignments in 1976 and continues today with major programs in many development fields.

On those first assignments, we supported the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) work in rural Egypt, and in 1980 we helped Egypt implement a long-term agricultural production program. We soon were managing large-scale programs and providing technical expertise in many Middle Eastern and North African countries. A few examples:

  • Operating in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Morocco, our Fostering Resolution of Water Resources Disputes program (1996–2002) settled major water disputes across borders by solving problems collaboratively.
  • Our Agricultural Policy Reform Program (also 1996–2002) supported Egypt’s efforts to liberalize and privatize its agri­cultural economy and paved the way for expanded export of Egyptian cotton, brokering deals with major textile firms such as WestPoint Stevens and developing an Egyptian cotton logo that to this day serves as a mark of quality in the industry.
  • Starting in 1999, our Market Ac­cess Program in the West Bank and Gaza, funded by USAID, increased competitiveness and productivity in the

Palestinian private sector through an export-led growth strategy. Through 2011, we have completed more than 100 projects in the region, stimulating economic growth, improving employment opportunities, expanding access to markets, and boosting exports. More recently, we:

  • Developed a river basin authority for water users in the Souss-Massa basin in Morocco.
  • Won international awards for enhanced water conser­vation in Jordan.
  • Brought together government, business, and civil society to restructure Lebanon’s water sector.
  • Designed and launched new mi­crofinance products in Morocco.
  • Implemented a financial accounting system for the Jordan Water Authority.

As one of the first development firms on the ground in Iraq following the 2003 invasion, we won global acclaim for our work to restore the Iraqi marshlands.

In addition to this portfolio, DAI is currently doing critical work in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the region.



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