Sustainable Business

Helping companies put sustainability at the core of their operations and become leaders in responsible business.


Responsible Business

Helping business responsibly pursue their ESG commitments

The sphere of responsibility assigned to businesses continues to extend beyond their core operations and premises and out into the community, influenced by multiple factors, including the growth of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations, and shareholder and consumer activism.

The new frontier of what it means to be a responsible business requires companies to drive meaningful impact and local prosperity in the communities and environments where they operate.

We believe the private sector can meet this challenge and deliver growth by developing inclusive supply chains, fit-for-purpose corporate social investments, and data-driven strategy and program design.

We help our clients move beyond regulatory compliance to position themselves as leaders in responsible business, whether that be by expanding access to green finance, incentivizing communities to protect their natural capital, or designing workforce health programs.

We support businesses on their path to sustainability through the full lifecycle of their projects, from strategy to impact evaluation

DAI provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that move our clients from strategy development and feasibility assessment through to piloting, implementation at scale, and impact evaluation. Our capabilities include social investment strategy development; program implementation and development of local partner capacity; reporting, monitoring, and evaluation; and application of bespoke digital tools. Our expertise includes worker and community wellbeing, local prosperity and entrepreneurship, circular economy, and natural capital solutions.

Case Studies

Practice Leaders

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Designs solutions that promote access to green financial services, brokers natural capital solutions, and designs programs in climate finance.

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Designs best-in-class programs in social performance that promote the development of inclusive supply chains.​​



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