Sustainable Business

Helping companies put sustainability at the core of their operations and become leaders in responsible business.



Supporting corporations to optimize and localize their supply chains

Changing energy security demands, the transition to renewable energy, the advent of new technologies, and post-COVID policies favoring localization for increased resilience and local impact all require companies to develop and implement new strategies to determine which products and services they can source locally.

Our work in supply chains applies state-of-art data collection and analysis to enhance business decision making and ensure inclusive growth outcomes, from offshore wind projects in North America to workforce development programs in Southern Africa.

We support private and public sector clients and implement programs that sustainably drive supply chain performance and economic development

We’ve helped governments design local content policies that drive job creation and support foreign direct investment as well as enabled multinationals to enter new markets by upskilling businesses, training workers, and tapping the newly competitive local supply base.

Successful localization in emerging or nascent markets is premised upon analytical, data-driven tools that allow an understanding of where local businesses stand and what they need to do to win work.

Our approach delivers comprehensive programs of business upskilling and workforce training that ensure large-scale investments have the infrastructure for long-term sustainable operations and maintenance.

Case Studies

Practice Leaders

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Leads the Centre for Local Business Development in Guyana.

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Leads industrial baseline surveys and workforce analyses.​​

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Leads innovative global supplier development initiatives.



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