Sustainable Business

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) supports private companies to be smarter corporate citizens in their local business operations and assists public authorities to develop policy, regulation, and incentives that grow sustainable industries.


Our experts help unlock the commercial potential in growth markets by advising companies on how to optimize their local supply base and labor force, comply with local content requirements, demonstrate their long-term commitment to the country’s development, and become a trusted partner for government.

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The SBG Approach

Client focused and data-driven, our approach is defined by 40 years of development experience around the world. We rely on data-rich technical analysis and on-the-ground relationships to structure successful services engagements and investments in emerging markets, with an unwavering commitment to our clients and the countries where they work. We provide a full suite of services, including:

  • Economic and policy analysis
  • Corporate capacity development
  • Strategy formulation
  • Program design and implementation
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Short- and long-term human resource surge capacity


SBG works across industries including oil and gas, metals and mining, capital projects and infrastructure, renewable energy, retail, food and beverage, financial services, telecommunications, and more.

Technical Service Areas:

Local Content Solutions

Today’s global supply chain is comprised of millions of small firms. Cost savings often drive companies to seek local suppliers, but that cost advantage—and the company brand—will be at risk if suppliers cannot meet market expectations for quality and reliability. Compounding the challenge are the limited numbers of capable local suppliers, a likely lack of in-house expertise to assess or build suppliers’ capabilities, and inadequate collaboration among operators, contractors, communities, and governments.

We help companies overcome these challenges and improve compliance with local content requirements in cost-effective ways, thereby supporting economic development, strengthening relationships with local communities and government, and—over time—lowering procurement costs.

Corporate Social Investment

We design and manage initiatives that promote community development and improve human capital to achieve our clients’ sustainability goals. Using the latest ICT tools to inform unique program designs, SBG helps businesses build and shape sustainable and socially responsible profiles.

Government Engagement

We secure our clients’ social license to operate by assessing above-ground risk and establishing trusted partnerships with key stakeholders to mitigate those risks.

Performance Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

We work with clients to assess their impact and provide premium reporting to support performance improvement and transparency. This recounting is critical to ensuring responsible business practices in emerging markets.