Sustainable Business

Helping companies put sustainability at the core of their operations and become leaders in responsible business.


Full Life-Cycle Advisory and Project Implementation Services that Advance the Global Sustainability Agenda

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group works across industries including manufacturing, energy and renewables, mining, retail, apparel, food and beverage, financial services, philanthropy, and telecommunications.

Whether we’re helping a multinational safely re-open garment factories during the pandemic or helping a financial institution design a climate finance program, our work is guided by 50 years of development experience around the world.

We rely on data-rich technical analysis and on-the-ground relationships to structure successful service engagements and investments in developed and emerging markets, with an unwavering commitment to our clients and the countries where they work.

Positioning Sustainability as a Driver of Business Growth

The sphere of responsibility assigned to businesses now extends beyond their balance sheets and physical premises into thir adjacent communities and environments. They must navigate new frameworks, regulations, and consumer expectations focused on protecting people and planet.

The new frontier of what it means to be a responsible business requires companies to drive meaningful impact and local prosperity in the communities and environments where they operate.

Companies’ business and social impact goals should dovetail to meet these two challenges by developing inclusive supply chains and fit-for-purpose social investment. From advising global leaders in green hydrogen to building supply chain resilience for garment manufacturers in Asia, we enable our clients to put sustainable practices at the core of their

plans. Our integrated approach is helping leading corporations—from retailers to energy companies—optimize operations while meeting

their responsible business commitments.

Supporting corporations to optimize and localize their supply chains

Our work in supply chains applies state-of-art data collection and analysis to enhance business decision making and ensure inclusive growth outcomes.

Our approach delivers comprehensive programs of business upskilling and workforce training that ensure large-scale investments have the infrastructure for long-term sustainable operations and maintenance.


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