Patrick Henry is Director of Supplier Development for DAI’s Sustainable Business Group and leads the Centre for Local Business Development in Guyana that DAI manages on behalf of ExxonMobil. The Centre was launched in 2017 and to date has led efforts to build local content and industry understanding in Guyana.

Patrick previously served as a senior executive and entrepreneur who succeeded in bringing an agricultural investment from conception to capital raise and into production, while simultaneously building long-term supply chains, buyer relationships, and corporate systems. His expertise extends over a broad spectrum of technical areas including global logistics and supply chains, investor relations, corporate social responsibility, communications campaigns, and national-level policy development. He has lived in five countries on four continents and worked in an additional 14-plus countries.



Kimberly Kohn

Kimberly Kohn supports the development of economic tools, contributes to new business efforts, and delivers technical projects to clients as part of DAI’ Sustainable Business Group.

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