Providing the technical skills, expertise, and local knowledge to deliver global health solutions while responding to issues ranging from emerging pandemic threats to HIV/AIDS to waterborne diseases.

Sustainable and Accountable Health Services

We engage citizens, communities, governments, and private organizations to expand access to sustainable health care. We are leaders in the development of innovative and sustainable financing approaches to expand individual and household access to health services and products, including clean water.

At the service delivery level, we equip the private health care providers who provide the vast majority of health services to poor communities with the business skills, financial credit, and other resources they need to sustain small practices and ensure they have access to the credit they need to upgrade and expand their services.

Sustainability demands accountability. We help build relationships between civil society and government, and create opportunities for continued communication through, for example, citizen-monitoring of government-provided services across sectors, including health. We provide rural communities with practical tools that enable them to hold local government health providers accountable while strengthening the overall public financial management structures needed to ensure performance in the health sector.

Our Experts

Nandi Hall is a Principal Project Manager with more than 15 years of experience working in international development in both the private and nongovernmental sector.

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Seema Khan has more than 12 years of experience in gender, social inclusion, sexual and reproductive health, and voice and accountability issues.

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Ruth Sparrey is Director of Managing for Development Results in our Europe office.

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David Tardif-Douglin runs Africa Lead II, a project that builds the capacity of agriculture professionals, institutions and stakeholders to position African leaders and institutions at the forefront of increased agricultural productivity and food security.

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Catherine Wallis has worked in international development for 14 years with public, commercial, and nonprofit clients across inclusive and sustainable agricultural supply chains, climate, and environmental sectors.

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Our Projects

Lebanon—Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD)

The Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) project is a five-year program aimed at improving Lebanon’s economic stability and providing income-generating opportunities for small business while creating jobs for the rural population, in particular women and youth.

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DAI Selected as Top Innovator in Global Poll of International Development Professionals

DAI has been named a Devex Top 40 Development Innovator, one of only 10 consulting firms so honored globally. The award was based on a poll of 100,000 Devex members, who comprise the world’s largest network of aid and international development professionals.

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