Global Health

We envision better health systems that foster quality & access; reduce threats; and promote healthier behaviours to improve lives globally.
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The health of our communities and our planet has never been more important. The recent growth of melting glaciers, rising seas, migration, conflict, and global epidemics and pandemics have put the health of our globe into sharp focus. Our world needs better health security, better access to healthcare, a deeper understanding of how our natural world and physical health interact and greater engagement with the market forces that shape our global economy.

That’s why we are passionate about Global Health. We are on a mission to shape a more liveable world and we have over 50 years’ experience in doing just that. We specialise in improving health security and systems, health equity and private sector engagement using our diverse expertise and unique ways of working.

Photo: Toby Madden for Transaid.

Our Principles

We Bring a Multi-Sector Perspective

The health problems we tackle are complex— entwined with climate, governance, business, and financial issues that mean solutions need to work for systems, not silos. Our multidisciplinary expertise means when we design health programs we sit with bankers, scientists, statisticians, and politicians to develop smart strategies and projects that work for the long haul.

We Think and Work Politically

Getting government buy-in and support for development projects requires an understanding of the politics, incentives, and agendas of policymakers. We conduct political economy analyses to help us design solutions that reach across the aisle.

We Integrate Digital Solutions

Technology helps us to work smarter, not harder, to achieve the best results. Across all our projects, we look for opportunities to incorporate digital technology for program management, data analysis, and health services.

 We Act as a Broker

Our global network and experience mean we understand that different actors bring different strengths and solutions—and that systemic changes in health need inputs from local and international partners. We act as a convener, bringing together the best ideas across disciplines, civil society, government, and the private sector to broker innovative and impactful solutions.

Photo: Oscar Siagian for USAID Jalin.

What We Do