Strengthening and improving government performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to public institutions, elected bodies, and citizens.

Public Financial Management and Domestic Revenue Mobilization

Since 1970, we have helped countries improve public financial management and advance thought leadership on approaches to overcoming policy and institutional constraints to economic competitiveness, socioeconomic development, and poverty reduction. Our experience in a wide range of transformational environments provides us the necessary context to foster efficient and effective tax systems, results-driven budgeting, transparent and accountable public expenditure management, and robust macro-fiscal planning, optimizing public sector performance and contributing to broad-based, sustainable economic growth.

Under the Philippines Facilitating Public Investment (FPI) project, DAI assisted the Department of Budget Management (DBM) to modernize the Government’s procurement and accounting practices to lay the foundations for performance-informed budgeting. FPI helped develop and implement a strategy that built the capacity of the DBM to prepare the 2015 budget with a results-oriented perspective—starting with functional reviews of transport, agriculture, and health to improve planning, budgeting, and performance evaluation of these agencies.

In El Salvador, DAI helped the Ministry of Finance develop a state-of-the-art Integrated Financial Management Information System. The system will integrate and centralize financial management functions for the whole of government. The impact on efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the use of public funds will be dramatic by automating paper-based processes and creating a consolidated, virtual audit trail. This reform also supports and automates our support to the national adoption of International Public-Sector Accounting Standards.

Domestic Revenue Mobilization

DAI helps national and sub-national governments across the full range of domestic revenue generation levers—from policy analysis and enhancements, to administrative improvements in tax collections, data analytics, property registration, digital cadasters, collection of user fees for services, public-private partnerships, and more.

In El Salvador, DAI helped the government increase net tax revenue from 13.3 percent at the outset of assistance in 2005 to 18.2 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, without increasing tax rates or substantial changes to the tax code. The project helped the Internal Revenue Directorate build a cloud-based data warehouse with detailed taxpayer profiles, returns history, and third-party data sources to conduct data mining that identifies taxpayers at high risk of non-compliance.

In Liberia, the Revenue Generation for Governance and Growth (RG3) project launched a mobile platform for payments for tax liability and non-tax fees for five agencies. RG3’s mobile platform reduced the cost of compliance and expenses for thousands of Liberians: Since the inception of the platform in April 2018, more than 40,000 payments have been made, totaling more than $5 million in revenue.

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Our Experts

While in graduate school for international development, Carmen Conley was surprised to learn there was an emerging field of international democracy assistance, where she could apply her practical U.S. political experience in campaigns to her development studies.

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Enrique Giraldo has more than 20 years of experience in tax policy and administration, public expenditure reforms, IT system development management, and management credentials in leading U.S. Agency for International Development projects.

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Specializing in public finance, Eunice Heredia-Ortiz has helped governments in many countries transform their fiscal policy and management, laying the foundations for more efficient and accountable use of public resources, better public service delivery, and improved living standards.

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Oliver Mader leads DAI’s Governance practice with the European Union (EU) Business Unit. He has experience in good governance such as justice, rule of law, EU integration, international cooperation, public financial management, institutions building, policy reform, and sustainable development.

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Ron McMorran is a domestic resource mobilization, medium-term fiscal planning, and public financial management expert with diverse international experience.

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Our Projects

Malawi—Support to the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA)

DAI was awarded the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA) IrishAid project to help the MRA improve its organizational leadership. The objectives are to improve change management and provide capacity-building for 21 leaders in the Executive Committee of MRA. The training will be delivered over an 8-month period, utilizing in-person and virtual techniques, and effective leadership tools such as surveys. Additionally, DAI will deliver a follow-on survey for MRA personnel, and conduct workshops on the results to accelerate effective and continual change in the organization.

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Kosovo—Municipal Integrity Activity

The Municipal Integrity Activity is working with Kosovo’s central government oversight agencies, municipalities, civil society, media, and private sector actors to advance reform in public procurement, with a renewed emphasis on budget planning, contract management, audit, integrity, and private sector engagement.

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Georgia—National Governance Program

The National Governance Program works with the Government of Georgia to deliver citizen-responsive governance based on greater accountability, transparency, and institutional independence.

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Jordan—Municipal Support Program

The Jordan Municipal Support Program improves local government service delivery, stimulates local economic development, and thereby strengthens the social contract in the Kingdom.

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Jordan—Public Financial Management and Administration (PFMA)

The Public Financial Management and Administration (PFMA) project is a five-year initiative to improve the Jordanian revenue system and enhance the budget management process.

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Colombia—Responsive Governance (RG) Activity

With Colombian partner organizations Transparencia por Colombia, Pastoral Social, and Corpovisionarios, the Responsive Governance Activity builds on the decentralization efforts supported by USAID and the Government of Colombia to emphasize visible and sustainable improvements in service delivery and implementation of the Peace Accords.

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Nigeria—State Accountability, Transparency, and Effectiveness (State2State) Activity

The Nigeria State Accountability, Transparency, and Effectiveness (State2State) Activity supports strengthened governance structures in six states.

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Egypt—Economic Governance Activity (EGA)

The Egypt Economic Governance Activity (EGA) works with the Government of Egypt to support the country’s investment climate by strengthening inclusive governance and supporting the Government’s structural reform program.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina—Further Support to Public Finance Management

The Further Support to Public Finance Management project enabled authorities in BiH to improve public finance management by increasing expenditure effectiveness and the budget planning process.

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Nigeria—Technical Assistance to Strengthen Public Financial Management, Statistics, Monitoring, and Evaluation Systems

This EuropeAid programme assists Yobe state in Nigeria to build upon the significant progress made so far in fiscal transparency and discipline, by finding ways to broaden the fiscal space in a sustainable manner, while ensuring improved delivery of citizen demanded public goods and services.

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Maldives—Public Financial Management

The Public Financial Management activity assists the Government of Maldives to prioritize infrastructure projects with the highest returns to the economy, enhance domestic resource mobilization, and realize “win-win” public-private partnerships in infrastructure to reduce dependence on high-risk debt financing.

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Malawi—Public Finance Management Reforms (Chuma Cha Dziko)

DAI works with the Government of Malawi, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning, and Development, and other stakeholders to achieve efficient and effective use of public resources and support the growth of the economy and development of Malawi.

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Tunisia—Fiscal and Accounting System of Tunisia (FAST)

FAST supports the systems and procedures necessary to operationalize and accelerate Government of Tunisia reforms that are modernizing the system for managing public revenues and expenditures.

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Sierra Leone—Support to Civil Society and Local Authorities for Local Development

We are supporting decentralization in Sierra Leone by empowering local authorities as well as local and rural civil society groups in selected districts to plan and implement initiatives of service delivery.

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El Salvador—Domestic Resource Mobilization Program

By working with national and local governments to improve their systems for collecting and spending revenue, the El Salvador Domestic Resource Mobilization Program increases public funding to support social programs, generate employment, and reduce inequality.

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Nigeria—Accountable, Responsive, and Capable Government (ARC)

The programme helps local governments in Nigeria develop and implement policy by assisting them in tracking and accounting for how policies, plans, and budgets are used in delivering public goods and services to promote growth and reduce poverty.

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