Growing up in a developing country and witnessing poverty first hand, Eunice Heredia-Ortiz always knew she wanted to help people get on the path to prosperity. Specializing in public finance, Eunice has helped governments in many countries transform their fiscal policy and management, laying the foundations for more efficient and accountable use of public resources, better public service delivery, and improved living standards.

“Children with no clothes, no shoes, bad nutrition, and no schools … how do we empower them to have a better life? I want to dedicate my life to empowering people to prosper.” — Eunice Heredia-Ortiz

Eunice’s expertise includes improving tax policy and tax administration, public budgeting, and expenditure management, as well as designing and implementing fiscal decentralization reforms, with a particular focus on countries’ education and health sectors. At Georgia State University (GSU), she authored articles and reports on fiscal policy, tax policy, public budgeting, fiscal decentralization, education financing, and poverty reduction. She also served as a capacity-building expert for civil servants, designing curricula, delivering lectures and technical assistance, and managing the technical and administrative delivery of capacity-building programs, including GSU’s renowned Annual Public Policy Training Programs on fiscal decentralization and local governance; education policy and development; tax policy, fiscal analysis and revenue forecasting; public budgeting and fiscal management; and macroeconomic policies for economic growth.

At DAI, Eunice has helped lead U.S. Agency for International Development-funded fiscal reform projects in Bangladesh, El Salvador, and Jordan. A few examples of her latest contributions: improving transparency and accountability in Bangladesh by helping parliamentarians analyze and monitor the preparation and implementation of the national budget; enhancing public expenditure management and results-orientation in public spending in El Salvador; and identifying tax expenditures and advancing property taxation in Jordan.



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Bruce Spake leads the company’s development initiatives in the Middle East, North Africa, and Afghanistan.

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