DAI Capital

Dedicated to mobilizing and deploying private capital in frontier and emerging markets, DAI Capital is the advisory and investment arm of DAI.


DAI Capital Australia

We draw on decades of experience in investment mobilization and international development to prepare and raise finance for infrastructure projects in the healthcare, water, circular economy, and renewable energy sectors, primarily in Indigenous Australia and the Asia region.

DAI Capital Australia works closely with project sponsors and various stakeholders to develop projects that provide strong financial returns and significant social and environmental impact. We employ blended finance approaches to attract private investment by reducing early-stage capital risks and addressing funding imbalances, thereby promoting sustainable and impactful outcomes.

Our Expertise

Origination and Project Preparation

We work hand-in-hand with project sponsors and our extensive networks—industry experts, development finance institutions, local and international governments, multilateral institutions, non-government development agencies, and engineering, procurement, construction, and finance (EPC+F) providers—to identify and prepare healthcare, renewable energy, circular economy, and water assets that deliver the highest level of financial return and social and environmental benefit. This work includes feasibility studies, financial modelling and structuring, environmental and other regulatory approvals, and the development of investor/lender collateral.

Capital Raising

We specialize in capital raising for infrastructure and development projects, bridging the funding gap for critical sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, and Indigenous economic development in Australia, as well as other regions in Asia and beyond. Our comprehensive financial services encompass corporate finance, project finance, and innovative blended finance solutions, among others.

We use blended finance to help unlock the estimated $70 trillion in investment required to develop desperately needed healthcare, renewable energy, and other infrastructure in Asia and beyond. We focus on attracting public finance to the early project preparation and pre-financial close stages of asset development—the part of the project cycle where it is hardest to attract private investment, yet where investment in infrastructure is most impactful. We then work alongside and raise capital from private co-investors and government finance institutions to bring qualified projects to financial close.

M&A Advisory Services

We have wide-ranging expertise in mergers and acquisitions, offering customized solutions for each unique transaction. Our process covers everything from identifying opportunities to finalizing deals, with a focus on both financial and strategic value.

Our Work

Foundation Hospital in Bangladesh

project image

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: DAI Capital Australia was engaged on the structuring and raising of capital for a 377-bed, international-standard hospital in Bangladesh. DAI helped to assess the commercial viability and social impact of the proposed hospital, designed to address the demand for domestic healthcare services and expand training for health professionals.

Engagement Deliverables: Bankable Feasibility Study, Schedule of Accommodation, Design Brief Financial Structuring, and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.

Luzon Solar Development

project image

Location: Luzon, Philippines

Description: DAI Capital Australia led the development of key capital raising materials for the development of a high-quality, greenfield, 100MW AC PV solar project in Bulacan, Luzon, Philippines. The materials included project investor pitch documents, financial structuring and modelling for the project, and drafting indicative equity term sheets for the project investors.

Engagement Deliverables: Financial Modelling, Financial Structuring, Investor Sourcing, Term Sheet Draft and Negotiations.

EV Bikes in Indonesia

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Location: Indonesia

Description: DAI Capital Australia led the charge in originating an innovative project aimed at facilitating access to electric bikes in Indonesia. The firm's strategic insight and proactive approach were instrumental in securing early-stage grant funding from the Australian Government, which supported essential preliminary activities including market sizing, market analysis, and the creation of an Information Memorandum to raise startup capital for expansion into the Indonesian market. The initiative is a key step toward introducing Australian financial services into Indonesia and underscores DAI Capital's commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

Engagement Deliverables: Project Origination, Funding Facilitation.

Roads Infrastructure Private Equity Placement

project image

Location: Australia

Description: DAI Capital Australia is structuring and raising capital for the acquisition of a Western Australian asphalt supply and laying company by an Indigenous-owned, -managed, and -controlled entity. DAI Capital is also providing support for the creation of a framework for social impact to deliver on the client’s objective to support Indigenous employment. Financial close is expected in March 2024.

Engagement Deliverables: Strategic Business Plan, Investment Memorandum, Social Impact Framework, Buyer and Seller Due Diligence, Structuring Acquisition Capital, Structuring Transaction, Detailed Financial Modelling, Equity Investor Sourcing and Due Diligence, Project Management.

India Health Infrastructure

project image

Location: India

Description: DAI Capital Australia, in partnership with an Australian healthcare provider, is engaged to provide consultancy services to support the development of healthcare infrastructure across India. Our responsibilities include facilitating project preparation, arranging financing, and developing implementation plans in partnership with selected consultants in India.

Engagement Deliverables: Project Facilitation, Funding Arrangements, Implementation Design, Financial Provisioning, Funds Management.

West Java Health Infrastructure Project (WHIP)

project image

Location: West Java, Indonesia

Description: DAI Capital Australia prepared two international-standard hospitals in West Java, Indonesia as a part of a 23-hospital initiative planned for the region, with total investment estimated at $1.3 billion. DAI leads the project development and financial arrangement for the project, co-ordinating both public and private stakeholders.

Engagement Deliverables: Bankable Feasibility Study, Schedule of Accommodation, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Design and Engineering Procurement, Detailed Financial Modelling, Lender Sourcing and Due Diligence, Term Sheet Negotiation.

SMI Regenerative Health Clinic

project image

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Description: DAI Capital Australia is structuring and raising capital for an Australian Regenerative Health Specialist, Simplr International, and their Japanese and Indonesian partners, BioAccell and SingMedic, for an advanced regenerative medicine clinic in the Indonesian Special Economic Zone, in Bali. DAI is leading in the project development, financial structuring, and capital raising for the project.

Engagement Deliverables: Bankable Feasibility Study, Strategic Business Plan, Schedule of Accommodation, Operations and Commissioning Plan, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Design and Engineering Procurement, Detailed Financial Modelling, Equity Investor Sourcing and Due Diligence.

Mocuba Water Supply System

project image

Location: Mozambique

Description: DAI Capital Australia provided financial modelling and structuring services to project engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV as a part of a seven-year Design, Build, Operation, and Maintenance program for the Mocuba water supply system.

Engagement Deliverables: Detailed Financial Modelling, Financial Structuring, Tax Structuring, Credit Facility Planning, Detailed Business and Revenue Model.

Iron Flow Batteries to Australia and the Pacific

project image

Location: Australia and the Pacific

Description: DAI Capital Australia is engaged by a renewable energy storage solution business to raise capital for activities to support the large-scale deployment of iron flow batteries in Australia and the Pacific, including the establishment of a manufacturing and distribution capability in Australia. Comprising of iron, salt and water chemistry, the batteries provide a cleaner, safer and more sustainable energy storage solution than traditional batteries which require critical minerals. The batteries circulate liquid electrolytes to charge and discharge electrons via a redox reaction process which eliminates degradation of the batteries, providing over 20,000 cycles and up to 12 hours of energy storage over a lifespan of 25 years or more.

Engagement Deliverables: Detailed Financial Modelling, Information Memorandum, Investor Sourcing / Engagement, Transaction Advisory, Term Sheet Negotiation