DAI Capital

Dedicated to mobilizing and deploying private capital in frontier and emerging markets, DAI Capital is the advisory and investment arm of DAI.


Capital Advisory

In November 2020, DAI concluded a majority investment in Magister Advisors to form DAI Magister, a strategic partnership enabling DAI to directly connect businesses in emerging and frontier markets with equity investors through Magister’s advisory business.

DAI’s capital advisory arm focuses on developing and executing growth financing and sell-side mergers and acquisitions. We provide full transaction advisory services for deals between $30 million and $2 billion, focusing on the climate, fintech, tech-enabled commerce, and tech-communication sectors. Our services include:

  • Developing tailored capital structures that balance the short- and long-term capital needs of the client’s business
  • Structuring, negotiating, and executing transactions to raise capital
  • Preparing businesses and assets for investment from local and international investors
  • Identifying suitable financial and strategic investors from a range of private and public institutions
  • Addressing other strategic issues, such as corporate governance and risk mitigation

Further, DAI Magister advises asset managers and other investors seeking to deploy capital in frontier and emerging markets, assisting them to identify investment opportunities, execute investments, and exit their investments.

For more information, please visit www.daimagister.com