DAI Capital

Dedicated to mobilizing and deploying private capital in frontier and emerging markets, DAI Capital is the advisory and investment arm of DAI.


Project Finance

The project finance arm of DAI Capital aims to improve people’s lives and positively affect the environment through investment in healthcare, renewable energy, and water infrastructure. We identify, develop and arrange financing for projects that aim to generate strong financial returns at the same time as achieving meaningful and measurable social and environmental impact, notably including:

  • World-class hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects that provide clean energy and water

Origination & Project Development

We work hand-in-hand with project sponsors and our extensive networks—healthcare, renewable energy, and water infrastructure experts, impact advisors, development finance institutions, EPC+F providers (engineering, procurement, construction, and finance), local governments, multilateral institutions, and international government and non-government development agencies—to identify and develop healthcare, renewable energy, and water assets that deliver the highest level of financial return and social and environmental benefit.

Blended Finance

Blended finance uses public development funds to incentivize private investment in developing countries by helping to reduce early-stage capital risk. Such risk mitigation is essential in attracting private investment in emerging markets and addressing the funding imbalance between developed and developing countries.

Our professional relationships, along with our proven method of blending public and private finance, materially de-risks projects before and after the financial close, enabling strong financial return and sustainable impact.

We use blended finance to help unlock the estimated $70 trillion in investment required to develop desperately needed healthcare, renewable energy, and other infrastructure in Asia and beyond. We focus on attracting public finance to the early project preparation/pre-financial close stages of asset development, the part of the project cycle where it is hardest to attract private investment, yet where investment in infrastructure is most impactful. We then work alongside private co-investors and government finance institutions to bring qualified projects to financial close.