Robert Ryan-Silva has been with DAI since 2002, when he joined the firm as a group business manager in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Group. Working over a wide range of regions and technical areas in his 20 years in international development, Rob approaches the implementation of complex projects in difficult environments at the level of nuts and bolts.

As Director of the DAI Maker Lab, Rob is leading the effort to explore how tools and approaches from the maker movement can enhance DAI’s global development work. Previously, as Project Director for the five-year, $185 million RESPOND project, Rob worked with government ministries, academia, multilateral organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and donors in Africa and Southeast Asia to create new opportunities to build the capacity to prevent and respond to outbreaks of emerging infectious disease. He has led DAI’s Governance practice, worked on agricultural redevelopment in Iraq and Afghanistan, and managed efforts to contain avian influenza. He attributes his success in these disparate areas to an approach that emphasizes understanding the perspectives and incentives of partners, and using that understanding to create space for collaborative work toward common objectives.

He has experience working with projects funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development in Afghanistan, Egypt, El Salvador, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Pakistan. Prior to joining DAI, Rob managed operations for the Egypt field office of the Centre for Development and Population Activities, and worked for other international development organizations.



David Tardif-Douglin

David Tardif-Douglin runs Africa Lead II, a project that builds the capacity of agriculture professionals, institutions and stakeholders to position African leaders and institutions at the forefront of increased agricultural productivity and food security.

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