Originally from Kenya, Bhairav Raja is passionate about the development opportunities of engaging the private sector to create more sustainable social investment outcomes. He applies market systems approaches to investment and finance solutions in crucial real economy challenges in agricultural and renewable energy value chains. He started his career working in some of the largest corporations in media and investment banking. Subsequently, an internship developing financial diaries with female micro-entrepreneurs on behalf of a microfinance institution in Colombia inspired him to continue down this track. The excitement of listening to and responding to the aspirations that enterprising citizens around the world communicated convinced him to apply his skills to private sector engagement, built upon a foundation of deep insights into households and microenterprises.

He has experience of working with hard-to-reach communities in fragile markets in Africa and Latin America. He also has strong financial inclusion diagnostic and toolkit development experience, taking an integrated approach to examining demand, supply and regulation across savings, credit, leasing, insurance, and payment systems. He has advised a range of stakeholders from the private sector, government ministries, and central banks through to the broader institutional landscape of financial and nonfinancial services.

His work is contributing to policy and product innovation solutions that can enhance the quality of inclusive economic growth. Bhairav offers a mix of technical design, delivery, partnership brokering, training, and project and people management on a diverse set of programs across agro-industrial, energy, and financial sector markets.



Melanie Beth Oliviero

Melanie Beth Oliviero has for 35 years worked for human rights and human development. As a strategic adviser on alliances and global business solutions at DAI, she draws on her expertise in corporate social responsibility, global philanthropy, civil society strengthening, and human rights and economic empowerment.

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