Strengthening and improving government performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to public institutions, elected bodies, and citizens.

Anti-corruption, Transparency, and Accountability

Creating institutionalized mechanisms for public participation creates space for the negotiation and inclusive political settlements necessary to provide all citizens with access to government services. We work with governments and citizens on formal and informal mechanisms to enhance the accountability of service providers. Our work in this area includes building civil society’s ability to use accountability tools such as social audits and community scorecards, working with government institutions to strengthen internal controls, and supporting strong parliamentary oversight of public expenditures and policy implementation.

DAI supports government authorities to engage more transparently with their populations on fiscal issues. We support national Open Government Plans, accession to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, access to public information, improved country scores on the Open Budget Index, and codifying Open Contracting Standards for procurement.

Under the Macro-Economic Stabilization and Reform (MESR) project in Egypt, DAI helped the Fiscal Transparency and Citizen Engagement Unit to address transparency gaps identified in the 2017 Open Budget Survey. The latest report published in April 2020 placed Egypt second in the Middle East after improvements attributed to increased access to budget figures via the Government of Egypt’s publication of the citizen’s budget and pre-budget statements that MESR supported.

The Kosovo Transparent, Effective, and Accountable Municipalities (TEAM) project significantly contributed to increased transparency of the public procurement process nationwide. DAI used Open Contracting Data Standards in the procurement process to standardize procurement data and make it more accessible to civil society, the media, and the broader private sector (not just industry insiders), developed the Open Procurement Transparency Portal, and is supporting interoperability between the e-Procurement System and the Kosovo Finance Management Information System to enable end-to-end tracing of public funds. The Kosova Democratic Institute declared that the greatest achievement of 2019 was the publication of contracts on the e-Procurement platform, with budget transparency increased by 16 percent compared to the previous year over €1.2 billion worth of procurements processed through the platform.

Our Experts

While in graduate school for international development, Carmen Conley was surprised to learn there was an emerging field of international democracy assistance, where she could apply her practical U.S. political experience in campaigns to her development studies.

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Peter Dimitroff holds more than 25 years of international development and project management experience, focusing on anti-corruption, budget transparency, legislative strengthening, and women’s empowerment.

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Richard Haselwood is an international development professional with more than 18 years of experience designing and implementing democracy, governance, and resilience programming in support of more accountable, effective, and inclusive governance.

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Karen Hussmann is a public policy expert with extensive experience in governance, anti-corruption, and global health sector integrity.

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Antonio Iskandar is leading DAI’s efforts in the Security, Transparency, Accountability, and Rule of Law area by supporting business development efforts, the generation of knowledge and technical products, and the successful implementation of projects within that practice.

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Maksym Klyuchar has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing anti-corruption programs in the areas of corruption prevention, investigation, prosecution, adjudication, digital transformation, civic participation, and advocacy.

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Our Projects

Liberia—Local Empowerment for Accountability and Decentralization (LEAD)

Building on USAID’s LEGIT and RG3 projects—to support decentralization, local governance, and domestic resource mobilization in Liberia, LEAD adds a new component focused on budget transparency, anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability.

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Kosovo—Municipal Integrity Activity

The Municipal Integrity Activity is working with Kosovo’s central government oversight agencies, municipalities, civil society, media, and private sector actors to advance reform in public procurement, with a renewed emphasis on budget planning, contract management, audit, integrity, and private sector engagement.

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Honduras—Justicia Efectiva Contra la Criminalidad y Corrupción (JECCC) project

The Justicia Efectiva Contra la Criminalidad y Corrupción project (JECCC) combats impunity and corruption by targeting crime and by promoting collaboration among justice institutions and counterparts from civil society, the private sector, academia, and other nonstate actors in Honduras.

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Jordan—Public Financial Management and Administration (PFMA)

The Public Financial Management and Administration (PFMA) project is a five-year initiative to improve the Jordanian revenue system and enhance the budget management process.

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Mexico—Programa para el Fortalecimiento de Instituciones de Justicia Penal Estatal (ConJusticia)

ConJusticia in Mexico consolidates and sustains recent justice system reforms by supporting state-level attorneys general offices and justice courts, with an emphasis on promoting collaboration and durable partnerships between these entities and other justice sector and local actors.

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Nigeria—State Accountability, Transparency, and Effectiveness (State2State) Activity

The Nigeria State Accountability, Transparency, and Effectiveness (State2State) Activity supports strengthened governance structures in six states.

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Malawi—Justice and Accountability Programme (Chilungamo)

Chilungamo contributed to increased levels of governance, accountability, compliance with the rule of law, and respect, promotion, and protection of human rights in Malawi.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo—Integrated Governance Activity (IGA); Good Governance Activity (GGA)

The Good Governance Activity seeks to improve the transparency and accountability of DRC provincial and local government authorities in managing public financial resources, thus increasing the availability of those resources for local development.

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