El Salvador—Water Services Project (WSP)

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development

Duration: 2024-2027

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: El Salvador

Solutions: Governance

Dwindling water availability, increasing pollution, and accelerating climate change have led to growing water insecurity in El Salvador. A lack of trust has developed between the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers (ANDA) and its customers due to a history of poor customer orientation, a lack of communication channels between customers and the service providers, inaccurate billing, and lack of reporting of and timely response to issues.

Part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s broader efforts to improve water management and governance in the region, the Water Services Project (WSP) aims to improve the quality of—and access to—water services in urban areas serviced by ANDA.

Building off support to ANDA that started in a previous project, WSP team works to implement reforms to improve the regularity of water service, promote transparency in how tariffs are applied, build public confidence in ANDA, and stem non-revenue water loss due to failing infrastructure and poor billing practices.

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Sample Activities

  • Implement performance improvements around energy efficiency and cost recovery.
  • Improve public communications and transparency.
  • Support efforts to strengthen monitoring and accountability systems to ensure high-quality, reliable water services are available equitably in targeted areas.
  • Promote stakeholder participation in the regulatory process, particularly women, supporting the connection between consumers, associations, civil society groups, and regulatory bodies, and ensuring that data is high quality and shared publicly.


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