Zehra Zaidi is the Senior Director of Human Development for DAI’s UK and Europe units and has designed and led programs focused on education, innovation, governance, and social entrepreneurship. She has worked in challenging political and operational environments including South and Central Asia, East Africa, and the Middle East on programs supported by multiple donors.

Zehra has worked extensively with parliaments, political parties, electoral bodies, and civil society organizations in a range of contexts across Kenya, Lebanon, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Tajikistan to support institutional strengthening and reform, as well as enabling successful models of public-private partnerships.

Most recently, Zehra was Team Leader for an education challenge fund that invested in a portfolio of over 60 organizations working on education innovation and governance in Pakistan using integrated planning methods, which were taken to scale in partnership with the public and private sectors.

Zehra has advised the Government of Pakistan on governance and education policy reform and previously held senior roles with the Asia Foundation, UNHCR, and IOM. She holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Oxford and supports numerous Pakistani NGOs and education enterprises as a mentor and honorary board member.



Maksym Klyuchar

Maksym Klyuchar has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing anti-corruption programs in the areas of corruption prevention, investigation, prosecution, adjudication, digital transformation, civic participation, and advocacy.

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