Pakistan—Education Voice and Accountability Fund (Ilm Ideas)

Client: U.K. Department for International Development

Duration: 2012-2015

Region: Asia and the Pacific

Country: Pakistan

Solutions: Governance

We are supporting organizations and individuals who are working to demand accountability and promote innovation in Pakistan’s education sector. Through two funds, we seek to harness the creativity of Pakistan’s entrepreneurs and private sector, the energy of citizens and civil society, and the experience and commitment of the governmental sector for the benefit of Pakistan’s children. In managing these grant funds, our Islamabad-based team manages the finance, results, risks, and relationships of initiatives designed to help Pakistan improve its education outcomes. The funds will support activities nationwide, in cooperation with Cambridge Education. More information is available on the programme website,

Sample Activities

  • Support research and advocacy initiatives to foster greater public demand for accountability and transparency in the education sector.
  • Provide seed money for creative pilot projects to address education challenges, and larger grants to take successful innovations to scale.


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