Luke Kozumbo specializes in economic analysis and issues of trade and economic competitiveness. Luke has performed country- and sector-level international trade and competitiveness analyses, led market systems assessments, researched and written on the potential economic effects of improved supply chains for agricultural commodities, designed and conducted household- and enterprise-level surveys, and conducted statistical and econometric analyses of panel and cross-sectional data. He has professional experience in Colombia, Lebanon, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, and Timor-Leste. He currently serves as the technical manager on DAI’s contract with Chevron’s Niger Delta Partnership Initiative, for which he leads activities to assess the commercial viability of potential electricity generation and distribution projects in the Niger Delta.



Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald is a supply chain management and procurement and contracting professional with 36 years of experience working for Shell International. He advises private-sector clients on local content development strategies for DAI’s Sustainable Business Group.

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