George Akl is an institutional governance and development expert with 25 years of experience working with international donors supporting water and wastewater, environment, and private sector engagement programs across the Middle East and North Africa. His technical expertise includes community development and civic engagement, institutional capacity development, private sector engagement, and organizational strengthening of public institutions. George has devoted his career to the improvement of governance in public sector institutions focused on water, wastewater, solid waste, agriculture, and infrastructure development.

As the Deputy Chief of Party for the Lebanon Water, Sanitation, and Conservation (WSC) Project and previous Chief of Party of the Lebanon Water Project, George supports the institutional strengthening of water utilities and the engagement of municipalities, local communities, the private sector, and citizens in water protection and management to improve water and wastewater services. He now leads a 40-person staff. George’s work on these projects focuses on developing strategic partnerships between utilities and other stakeholders to improve water security and services and designing innovative solutions for water utility management, water demand management, private sector engagement, and capital investment. After obtaining a bachelor of science degree, George completed courses toward a master’s degree in international affairs and diplomacy from Notre Dame University.



Alma Porciuncula

Alma Porciuncula has been leading DAI’s work in the Philippines on innovative financing for water supply and sanitation projects, policy, and regulatory and utility reform since 1994.

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