Lebanon—Support for the Creation of a Unified Registry for Social Protection (URSPL)

Client: European Union

Duration: 2024-2027

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Lebanon

Solutions: Economic Growth

The current social protection system in Lebanon is fragmented and insufficient, leaving out large segments of the population, particularly those engaged in informal labor.

Our project is improving the effectiveness and efficiency of social protection programs and services to Lebanese households through the establishment of a Unified Registry for Social Protection (URSP), enabling the flow and management of information from all types of social protection programs and schemes.

With the assistance of our project, the URSP will act as the backbone for governance reform, connecting beneficiaries across different social benefits and various assistance types as part of the National Social Protection Strategy. We will use cutting-edge technology to ensure comprehensive data management and coordination among various social protection services in Lebanon.

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Sample Activities

  • Build a central repository of information to centralize and manage the access and quality of social protection benefits and assistance in a secure, reliable, and controlled environment.
  • Consolidate existing social protection programs.
  • Coordinate and aggregate existing monitoring and evaluation approaches into a single subsystem integrated with the URSP.
  • Define inter-ministerial governance mechanisms suitable for the URSP to ensure the budget required for maintaining the system is approved.


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