Colombia—Partners for Transparency (PfT)

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development

Duration: 2020-2025

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Colombia

Solutions: Governance

The Partners for Transparency (PfT) program supports locally driven solutions that increase transparency and accountability and reduce corruption in Colombia. This activity—implemented with partners Foro por Colombia, Transparencia por Colombia, the School of Government of the University of the Andes and La Silla Vacía—strengthens citizen-responsive governance and increases citizen trust by leveraging targeted stakeholders’ expertise, engagement, and unique positions of influence.


Sample Activities

  • Advance national-level government transparency and accountability initiatives.
  • Promote local-level civic participation.
  • Strengthen oversight-and-control institutions’ efforts to fight corruption.
  • Nurture a culture of transparency and accountability.
  • Build local partner capacity and sustainability.

Select Results

  • Provided technical assistance for the design of corruption risk maps in Cartagena to train public officials in corruption risk management. Four administrative units from the Mayor’s Office presented their maps to 100 stakeholders for evaluation. The risk maps make public officials aware of transparency issues, for which they can create oversight measures to mitigate the misspending of public funds.
  • Supported nine civil society groups to adopt the Global Standard for CSO Accountability.
  • Assisted 15 companies to join the Anti-Corruption Business Commitment in Cartagena, Buenaventura, and Cordoba to promote integrity and transparency.
  • Trained 172 journalists trained in investigative skills, 85 in the use of public procurement information, and 69 in access to public information.
  • Enrolled more than 700 people virtually, and 200 people graduated from in-person versions at Anti-Corruption Citizen Schools.
  • Helped establish 18 Anti-Corruption Citizen Agendas with citizen oversight priorities with the participation of more than 200 organizations.


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