Kongkona Sarma is an experienced economic development specialist who started her career in the capital markets, gaining skills in financial valuation, corporate restructuring, and quantitative research. Drawing on her experience from the private sector, Kongkona has specialized in private sector development with a focus on market systems/value chain analysis, programme impact evaluation, economic and financial appraisal, and developing results measurement framework for market systems programmes. She is skilled in utilizing sector appraisal techniques, analyzing the economic potential of value chains, and conducting enterprise-level financial analysis. She has worked in economic appraisal of agricultural investment programmes and conducted market assessments in various sectors. She is a keen photographer and is involved in promoting pro-poor tourism efforts in India and Bhutan and advising responsible tourism organizations in the region.

Kongkona has undertaken assignments for various bilateral and multilateral organizations including the U.K. Department for International Development, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat, and U.N. EcoSoc in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Guyana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, United Kingdom, and the United States.



Marina Krivoshlykova

Marina Krivoshlykova specializes in enterprise development and competitiveness. She provides technical assistance and management support to private sector development projects worldwide, focusing on issues of value chain strengthening, market analysis, and design of strategies for firm and industry competitiveness.

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