As a behavioral economist, Kevin’s work has focused on resource use efficiency (water, energy) and governance of land and its natural resources. He has particular interest in environmental finance, such as payments for ecosystem services, and in working to demystify how to access climate adaptation funding. A big believer in learning through data and illustrations, he has a keen interest in incorporating low-cost data collection technologies in the field and using data visualization as a means of community engagement.

Fluent in Spanish, Kevin has worked across Asia, Latin America, and Africa in technical areas such as watershed management, land use and spatial planning, forestry, land tenure, biodiversity conservation, energy efficiency, water utility financing, and climate change adaptation. As the technical backstop for the Mekong River Basin Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change program, he helped develop a model to integrate downscaled climate science data with local knowledge to prioritize and monitor adaptation activities. He also led the research and authored the U.S. Agency for International Development’s first “how to” design manual for integrating climate change adaptation into biodiversity conservation activities.



Nadya Boneva

Nadya Boneva is an energy engineer and expert in environmental monitoring control and health. She has more than 25 years of experience designing and implementing projects for donors, international organizations, government, and the NGO sector.

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