Johannes “John” Go ensures efficient and compliant operations in collaboration with project teams and managers, implement streamlined processes, offer regular training, and support project objectives. With a 25-year career in international development projects, he brings extensive experience and a strong track record in senior operations management roles. John excels in overseeing project operations, administration, grants, subcontracting, procurement, logistics, finance, human resources, and compliance. Known for his results-oriented leadership, commitment to excellence, and adeptness in navigating complex challenges, he has made valuable contributions to international project management, particularly in democracy, governance, economic growth, and environmental programs across diverse regions, including conflict and post-conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Burma, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Ukraine. His key managerial strength lies in project preparation and enhancing operational systems for optimal performance.



Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey is an advisor with experience bringing innovative methodologies to research in conflict, transitional, and stabilization contexts.

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