Emma Kerr is a development practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in transparency and accountability, civil society coalition-building and capacity-strengthening, and political economy analysis. Prior to joining DAI, she managed a large project on corruption risk in the defence sector, led the Commonwealth’s engagement with civil society, and led network development for a global network of civil society groups working on disaster risk reduction. At DAI she has managed the Kosovo Strengthening Public Procurement project, supported the design of a number of successful bids in countries as diverse as Brazil, Malawi, and Kosovo and led political economy analysis in a number of countries including Colombia, Guatemala, and Kosovo. With lived experience in Colombia and Paraguay, Emma is fluent in Spanish and has intermediate French language fluency.



Roberto Toso

Roberto Toso is a senior economist with more than 25 years of international development experience working on financial sector reform, economic policy, public financial management, international trade, and competitiveness strategy.

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