Barbara Habib is a Senior Manager for DAI’s Sustainable Business Group and Project Director for MozUp, its Enterprise Development Center in Mozambique. She also serves as General Director for DAI’s local joint venture company with partner TPLA, Mozambique Enterprise for Sustainability (MES). Barbara graduated from the University of Virginia in 2005, where she obtained her degree in Commerce with concentrations in international business and management. She is a development professional with more than 15 years of experience managing and implementing local economic and community development projects, primarily in Africa and the Middle East.

As Director of MozUp, Barbara leads the overall strategy and implementation of a comprehensive supplier development program with the goal of increasing the competitiveness of local SMEs for opportunities in its growing LNG sector, as well as other key sectors of the Mozambican economy.

Before joining DAI, Barbara held several management roles on various workforce, SME, community and local governance development projects driven by both private and public sector partners. Most recently, Barbara served as part of the Senior Management Team on the USAID-funded Community Engagement Project in Jordan, where she worked with community members across the country to mitigate threats to their social and economic well-being. She also managed workforce and small and medium enterprise development efforts for private sector partners including the Caterpillar Foundation’s Middle East and North Africa Youth Empowerment Strategy, and John Deere’s vocational training and community development programs in India and Brazil respectively.



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Patrick Henry leads DAI’s Sustainable Business Group

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