Araba Sapara-Grant is a Manager with DAI’s Sustainable Business Group. As a member of the Responsible Business team, Araba brings comprehensive research, advisory, and business development expertise to projects and proposals across diverse technical areas. Currently, Araba serves as the Program Development and Learning Manager for Strive USA, an initiative funded by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth focused on supporting the financial resilience and growth of U.S. small businesses. In this role, Araba is responsible for pipeline development, scoping grant activities, and overseeing Strive USA’s learning agenda and activities.

Previously as a Digital Specialist with DAI’s Center for Digital Acceleration, Araba provided technical support to projects such as the USAID-funded Digital Frontiers project where she served as the technical lead for the digital agriculture portfolio and developed the USAID Digital Literacy Primer. Outside the core commitments of her position, Araba co-leads DAI’s first affinity group, DAI Noir.



Talia Dweck

With a consistent focus on the integration of user-centered design in digital development, Talia conducts digital strategic analyses, manages digital projects, and supports the Center for Digital Acceleration in its innovation work, for example by managing the implementation of digital prizes and challenges.

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