Center for Digital Acceleration

DAI’s Center for Digital Acceleration builds on DAI’s decades of experience to design and deploy innovative, user-centered digital tools that drive change across emerging markets.

Data for Decisions

CDA offers a suite of products that help clients integrate data across their portfolio to inform decision-making at all levels. By designing customized and user-friendly tools that employ spatial and statistical analysis, we assist our clients in understanding markets, population trends, and data-driven insights. Learning from data is central to our approach. In addition to our data analysis tools, we also create interactive web-based platforms and infographics.

Our Experts

Bobby Jefferson, a leader in the field of information and communications technology for development and global health, is a Vice President and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, Engagement, and Inclusion at DAI.

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Our Projects

Haiti—Strategic Health Information System Program (HIS)

The Haiti Strategic Health Information System Program team consolidated and integrated Haiti’s disconnected health information assets to create a comprehensive national system.

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Worldwide—Preparedness and Response (P&R)

The P&R project addressed the practical issues confronting national governments as they coped with the human, financial, and logistical constraints associated with pandemic threats.

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Central America—Regional Climate Change Program (RCCP) (Programa Regional de Cambio Climatico—PRCC)

This regional initiative identified solutions and action plans to permit the countries and territories of Central America and the Dominican Republic to respond to the effects of climate change.

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DAI History: 40 Years of Excellence

DAI was founded in 1970 by three graduates of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government intent on providing a more dynamic and effective brand of development assistance. See how DAI is turning this American success story, into a global one.

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