Morocco—Technical Assistance to Support Social Protection Reform

Client: European Union

Duration: 2019-2021

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Morocco

Solutions: Economic Growth

The Government of Morocco is investing in the improvement of its social protection system to boost access to health care among the population. DAI provided technical assistance to the European Union (EU)-funded Support Social Protection Reform program, which worked to coordinate and monitor social protection reforms, based on the logical framework of a result-oriented budget programming; strengthened capacity in social assistance, social insurance, social protection, and health; produced studies to improve the monitoring and evaluation of the reforms, and implemented communication and visibility activities.

The project was being implemented jointly with IBF and Vayans Consulting, two consulting firms based in Belgium and Morocco, respectively.

MorocPhoto 7-ceef73.jpg

Sample Activities

  • Advise on project coordination, systems, and social policy financing.
  • Identify and analyze existing constraints to boosting the implementation of social protection reforms.
  • Promote institutional communication, increase EU visibility; and collaborate with other technical and financial partners.
  • Conduct short-term missions, studies, interviews, evaluations, and training on social protection and related issues.


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