DAI’s John Yates Named to Board of the International Consortium of Government Financial Management

January 04, 2018

John Yates, who leads DAI’s public financial management practice, was named to the board of directors of the International Consortium of Government Financial Management. Established in 1978, ICGFM promotes learning across government and multilateral institutions around public financial management (PFM) and domestic resource mobilization. DAI is a sustaining member of the ICGFM.

DAI-News----Yates-mug.jpg At DAI, Yates leads a team of practitioners who deliver technical assistance around macroeconomic policy, domestic resource mobilization, budget planning and execution, debt management, central banking, public investment, private-public partnerships, and tax and customs administration. He has worked on donor-funded public finance programming in Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, and Serbia, including as IT Advisor, Component Lead, Deputy Chief of Party, and Chief of Party.

“Helping the governments of developing countries improve their revenue collection, expenditure, planning, and budgeting is cost-effective development assistance,” Yates said. “In addition to helping countries to pay for their own development in areas such as education, health, and infrastructure, improved public financial management strengthens the relationship and ‘social contract’ between government and citizenry.”

“I’m proud of the work done by DAI and others in this area and very much look forward to representing DAI on the ICGFM board,” Yates added.

The consortium is unique in the financial management community. It was established by a distinguished and international group of financial management professionals from government and academia. They recognized the need for financial practitioners to engage in dialogue about their perspectives for improving government financial management. ICGFM became the first “umbrella” organization composed of government entities, university departments, private firms, and professional associations devoted to improving financial management.

DAI’s portfolio in public financial management currently includes donor-funded projects in El Salvador, Guatemala, Liberia, Nigeria, Philippines, and Tajikistan.



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