DAI’s Chris LeGrand Unveils New Book on Business Leadership

August 19, 2019

Chris LeGrand, President of DAI Global Health, last week published The Complete Business Leader: A Framework for Impact in Work and Life, a book that lays out the seven essential dimensions needed to develop a “Complete Business Leader.”

“Organizations of any size and focus will have bigger impact and be more successful by any measure when their leaders are well rounded and grounded, can integrate across disciplines, and can inspire diverse followers to produce results,” said LeGrand, who developed the framework in the course of his own leadership journey, which is marked by a passion for combining business acumen and positive social impact.

Chris1.jpgLeGrand speaks at the annual awards gala for the Triangle Global Health Consortium, where he was Board Chair for four years.

LeGrand has more than 30 years of business experience, mostly in and around the healthcare, public health, and life sciences sectors in the United States and internationally. His leadership experience includes running global mission-driven businesses—he is the former CEO of Futures Group—where he focuses on the convergence of positive social impact and sustainable business results.

“The Complete Business Leader is a must-read for those who are striving throughout their careers for expanded awareness and leadership skills development that enhances personal and organizational satisfaction and success,” said Dr. Wayne Holden, CEO of RTI International.

“The framework Chris lays out offers a vital roadmap for social enterprises of the future in helping us all achieve the sustainable development goals,” said Ambassador Mark Dybul, former executive director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria.

Among various launch events planned for the book, LeGrand will host a September 5 celebration at The University Club in Washington, D.C. For more on the Complete Business Leader concept and the inspiration behind it, read this Q&A with Chris LeGrand.



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