DAI Research Cited in UN Gender Declaration

June 03, 2019

Research conducted by DAI on how voluntary sustainability standards can be used to promote gender equality in global value chains was recently cited at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Declaration for Gender Responsive Standards and Standards Development.

The event was the result of efforts that began in 2016 to assist standards bodies in developing more gender-responsive standards and processes.

“This declaration will contribute significantly to integrating a gender lens into standards which affect all aspects of business and trade. Our research has shown that there is still a lot to do to adapt standards to ensure gender equality measures are fully incorporated and also to design practical steps for improving auditing and compliance. It is great to see national governments developing stronger ownership of this agenda and we hope it will lead to concrete policies to realise gender equality in business, government, and in the workplace,” said DAI’s gender expert Georgia Taylor.

The event was also significant for being virtual. As a way to reduce the carbon footprint of these events, more than 50 standards bodies signed and committed to the Declaration via the online virtual meeting and social media.

The author of DAI’s research, Sally Smith, presented at the event. “This Declaration marks a really important step forward for the standards bodies in recognising their role in the design and implementation of trade instruments, which for a long time have had limited consideration for the gender dimensions inherent in global trade,” said Smith. “I am delighted to see the willingness of both public and private standards bodies to collaborate and learn from each other, and work towards a common goal of strengthening the use of standards and technical regulations as powerful tools to attain SDG 5.” Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.



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