Tim Samaranayake is a consultant, team leader, and director with over 20 years of experience in international development and the private sector. As the Director of Operations at DAI, he oversees project delivery alongside technical teams and manages the commercial requirements for new project opportunities.

In 2024, Tim returned to DAI after nine years, during which time he worked in various roles, including for a non-government organization and a small and medium enterprise (SME) consultancy. He was the Managing Director at Wellspring Development Capital, a specialist food systems consultancy, where he led financial and operational management, achieved revenue and profit growth, and transitioned the company to an Employee Ownership Trust. He also worked for Plan International UK, where he built a commercial contracting team and platform. As Director of Partnerships at Crown Agents, he led business growth for key opportunities. Prior to his first stint at DAI, when he managed projects for the UK Government and European donors, he supported strategy and change projects and enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations for international clients at IBM and PwC.



Jeremy Finch

Jeremy Finch is the Senior Director for Investigations in DAI’s Global Ethics and Integrity team. He finds the ongoing daily challenges of Ethics and Integrity in the development sector fascinating, working in vastly diverse nations across frontiers in pursuit of project success and with an ever-watchful eye on transparency and accountability.

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