Connor MacKenzie is a Digital Specialist on the Digital Strategy and Advisory Team within DAI’s Center for Digital Acceleration. He conducts digital market assessments, strategy development, and provides analysis for technology companies on how their products impact small businesses. Throughout his career, he has focused on how development projects and international donors can incorporate digital tools into their planning and programming. He leads digital training for the U.S. Agency for International Development, helping to prepare the Agency’s workforce on how to use digital tools safely and meaningfully.

Connor previously worked with DAI’s Sustainable Business Group where he provided expertise to energy companies on sustainable supply chains, community benefits, and workforce development. Connor has overseas experience in Fiji, where he worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in economic development.



Danijela Momirovic

Danijela Kostic performs management, coordination, planning, and assessments of information and communications technology (ICT) projects, writing technical documentation, reviewing ICT components for DAI projects, working on proposals with ICT components, and designing tailored solutions for project beneficiaries.

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