Sarah Helmstadter

Senior Vice President, Global Workforce

Sarah Helmstadter leads our Global Workforce, with responsibility for maintaining and enhancing DAI’s corporate culture; leading all aspects of talent acquisition, retention, development, and management; and ensuring the quality and efficiency of companywide security and human resource operations.

After graduating from Yale with a degree in Russian studies, Sarah became a Soviet analyst, publishing on health and social issues in the former Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union fell apart, Sarah packed two suitcases, sold all her remaining belongings, and moved to Kazakhstan to work on small-scale privatization. Thus began her career in international development.

sarah leadership-42d801.jpg

Sarah joined DAI in 2007, and has held leadership positions in business development, business delivery, and human resources. Prior to her current role, she was DAI’s Vice President for Human Resources (U.S.), and before that, Vice President for DAI’s U.S. Government-funded Africa portfolio, responsible for delivering high-quality development assistance, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Sarah is a founding member of the Task Force on Race and Equity in International Development, and participates in the Women Innovators & Leaders Network. She represents DAI at numerous industry and leadership events.