Worldwide—Knowledge Hub Jobs & Growth (Part I)—Global Gateway Support Mechanism (GGSM)

Client: European Union

Duration: 2023-2027

Region: Worldwide

Country: Worldwide

Solutions: Environment Climate

The world faces a massive gap in financing for investments in new and existing infrastructure, and available resources could be used in a more effective way.

To fill the gap, the European Union’s (EU) Global Gateway initiative invests in the digitalisation, health, climate, energy, and transport sectors, as well as in education and research. Our work focuses on the transport sector by supporting actors managing or implementing EU cooperation programmes at the global, regional, and country levels to assess, design, monitor, and evaluate infrastructure interventions.

In close coordination with contracting authorities and EU Delegations, our project designs, develops, and implements technical assistance packages as per the request of beneficiary countries and regions. The countries include those covered by the Neighbourhood Development and International Cooperation Instrument-Global Europe (NDICI/Global Europe), mainly focusing on Africa, where the EU financing can make the biggest impact.


Sample Activities

  • Support countries to establish connectivity strategies and policies.
  • Build the institutional capacity of relevant actors in the policy and regulatory arena, with a particular emphasis on promoting the G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure in the transport sector.
  • Provide technical support in programming and preparing projects.
  • Operationalize the EU connectivity strategy.


Türkiye—Technical Assistance to Prepare Flood Risk Management Plan for Meriç-Ergene River Basin

Our project works to reduce the adverse consequences of flood events for human health, environment, cultural heritage, and economic activity through assessment and management of flood risk in Türkiye.

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