Tajikistan—In-Service Teacher Training, Learning Assessment, Planning, Budgeting, and Monitoring

Client: European Union

Duration: 2017-2021

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Country: Tajikistan

Solutions: Governance Education

Tajikistan has one of the youngest populations in Central Asia, which can be viewed as a great opportunity for socio-economic development. Among Central Asian countries, Tajikistan continues to record by far the highest annual population growth at 2.2 percent, but official unemployment is amongst the highest within Central Asian countries. To turn its relative demographic advantages into opportunities for growth, further progress on education reform is needed in Tajikistan.

We supported the Ministry of Education and Science in Tajikistan in improving services related to teacher training, learning assessment, financial planning, and monitoring. This intervention supported an increase in the quality of education provision through improved teaching, learning assessment, education system management, and budgeting and evaluation. This work contributed to the development of a modern education system. The team reached 63,000 teachers, 1,000 education professionals, and 200 pedagogical staff from universities.


Sample Activities

  • Elaborate a modern, viable, and competence-based teachers’ Continuing Professional Development system better responding to teachers’ and school managers’ needs.
  • Develop and implement a National Learning Assessment System in line with agreed quality standards and targeting selected educational stages.
  • Strengthen planning, budgeting, and monitoring process and improve monitoring of the National Strategy for the Education Development implementation.

Select Results

  • Developed a Curriculum Framework approved by the Ministry of Education and Sciences.
  • Developed and presented a Draft Strategy on Student Assessment.
  • Delivered concept paper on strengthening the National Learning Assessment System.
  • Developed a Teachers’ Competence Framework.
  • Developed a Strategy and Action Plan on Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development.
  • Introduced a competency-based learning system.
  • Trained 62,970 teachers on competency-based education.


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