Suriname–Industrial Baseline Study

Client: Staatsolie

Duration: 2018-2018

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Suriname

Solutions: Sustainable Business

On behalf of Staatsolie, Suriname’s state-owned oil and gas company, DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) used its Industrial Baseline Study methodology to assess local supplier competitiveness across 45 supply chain categories. Measured against demand associated with a hypothetical offshore project, SBG identified critical gaps and key opportunities to maximize local content. Included in this exercise, SBG conducted formal industry stakeholder mapping and risk analysis activities. Bringing together findings from enterprise surveys, supply chain expert interviews, stakeholder workshops, and DAI’s LCOM analysis, the project team developed short-, medium-, and long-term strategy documents for the client. The initial survey was taken of a representative sample across supply chains that included 203 firms and was complemented by in-person interviews that were intended to gather qualitative data about the relevant supply chain categories and the competitiveness of local firms.

In parallel, SBG conducted in-person deep-dive assessments of local training institutions and universities to understand the skills ecosystem in Suriname. In conjunction with these assessments, SBG used national labor statistics, inputs from experts, takeaways from meetings with key government bodies, to identify the top supply chains for maximizing local jobs. DAI created a workforce specific strategy document, incorporating recommendations for both government, training institutions, firms, and operators, to ensure Surinamese employees are incorporated into oil and gas activities. SBG conducted several in-person workshops and presentations with international oil companies and with more than 300 Surinamese businesses to educate on the oil and gas opportunities and activities in Suriname, findings from the studies, and present recommendations and next steps for various stakeholders. Due to the success of the project, SBG was commissioned to implement a Supplier Registration Portal for the client.



Sierra Leone—Local Content Planning and Reporting

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group works with the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency on an online portal and scorecard system to simplify and assure standardization in the way in which companies report their local content performance data.

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