Somalia—EU Support to Policy Dialogue on Investment Climate

Client: European Union

Duration: 2020-2022

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Somalia

Solutions: Economic Growth

The EU Support to Policy Dialogue on Investment Climate in Somalia project works to enhance the investment climate and business environment in the country by improving access to finance, markets, and essential services for medium, small, and micro enterprises (MSMEs).

Our technical assistance team provides support to reinforce the capacities of key public institutions and the private sector to strengthen public-private dialogue; support Somalia’s exports and access to regional markets; and promote responsible business conduct across the Somali private sector.

By improving the policy, regulatory, and institutional environment for investment promotion and facilitation, trade, and value chain development, the project facilitates socioeconomic resilience, especially in the context of COVID-19. It focuses particularly on the financial sector and investments, EU-Somalia business linkages, and food security and nutrition.

In the context of economic integration of Somalia in the Horn of Africa, the project contributes to building peace and trust in Somalia and encourages dialogue between Somalis on private sector matters. It is aligned with the Africa-Europe Alliance on Sustainable Investments and Jobs, the EU External Investment Plan approach (Sustainable Business for Africa Platform – SB4A), and EU economic diplomacy objectives and guidelines.


Sample Activities

  • Strengthen government capacity to engage the private sector and implement and enforce reforms.
  • Organise public-private dialogue platforms and investment promotion events.
  • Produce studies to support the competitiveness of Somali exports.
  • Provide advisory services, training, and facilitation to federal government entities on priority reforms.
  • Promote responsible business conduct across the Somali private sector.
  • Build the capacity of private sector organisations on corporate governance, fair competition, decent jobs, and health.
  • Distribute information materials and basic health products to members of private sector and producers’ organisations.


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