Sierra Leone—Civil Service Reform, Parliament, and the Electoral Cycle

Client: European Union

Duration: 2018-2021

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Sierra Leone

Solutions: Governance

The technical assistance project to Sierra Leone was launched in the aftermath of presidential, parliamentary, and local elections in March 2018—the ideal timeframe to consolidate past reforms in Parliament’s work and electoral cycles. The project builds upon the commitment already undertaken by the Government of Sierra Leone, as supported through development partners including United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, the European Union, and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. The additional transfer of ownership from UNDP to the National Electoral Committee since the 2018 elections celebrates this accomplishment.

Our team works to consolidate past reforms in the areas of electoral support, parliamentary strengthening, and civil service reform within the new electoral cycle. The team is providing support to the electoral cycle to consolidate electoral and democratic reforms allowing for improved political dialogue; enhance the legislative process, institutional relevance, and effectiveness of Parliament; and improve the institutional capacity of the civil service to enhance public service delivery.

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Sample Activities

  • Increase the institutional, staff, and infrastructure capacity of the National Electoral Commission.
  • Improve public consultation processes.
  • Increase the representation of women at various levels in both elected positions and senior civil service positions.

Select Results

  • Organised an orientation training for Female Caucus members orienting, in legislative processes.
  • Conducted a training workshop for the Human Rights Committee to strengthen the capacity of the committee on using established international standards to monitor various forms of abuse and violations of human rights.
  • Held a training with Parliament Members of the Nongovernmental Government Organisations Committee and the National Commission for Social Action to strengthen their oversight.
  • Trained the Parliament of Sierra Leone Public Relations Department and Press Gallery on reporting techniques for the parliamentary process.
  • Facilitated a management retreat of the parliament, where staff met to discuss the priorities of the new parliamentary administration and how the departments would be restructured to be more efficient and to provide professional support services to members and committees.
  • Organised a roundtable meeting between parliamentary committees and development partners providing support to the education sector in Sierra Leone.


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